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Behold !

At the dawn of time there was the Wheel of Fate.

It presided over the life of our budding tribe.

For better or for worse, we would do as it bade us.

Successful hunts, wealth, marvels of ingenuity, but also disasters and foes,

All came from its spinning reels.


Spin-vilization is a unique and innovative civilization game

where you manage your tribe... with a slot machine !

YOU will lead your tribe, evolving it from a handful of hunter-gatherers to a thriving civilization.

Using the symbols on the Wheel of Fate, you will perform combos that allow your tribe to progress.

Provide food and happiness, watch out for dangers, and lead your tribe to glory...

I've never seen anything like it.

It's very innovative and surprisingly balanced despite pushing so many design boundaries.

(a player on kongregate)


- hours of gameplay

- playable directly in most browsers

- auto-saving

- 3 main difficulty levels + additional setups

- adjustable game speed

- preview mode for combos

- scoring

- combo codex

- and more !

About the game

Hi, I'm Casual42 and I'm beginning in video game programming. Spin-vilization was made in javascript over the course of 6 months. I know I'm not very good at graphics, so I try to make it up with creative mechanics, in the hope of making the game fun and worthwhile for players.
A pico8 prototype exists here.

Want more ?

There are plans for a sequel with :

- better graphics
- sound effects and music
- twice as many content !
- and much more !

Want to help making it possible ?

  Share your experience and give your ideas in the comments section. I pay great attention to your feedback !

  Become an early supporter by clicking the Support button under the game (or here) ! Every help, however small, is very appreciated  !


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I really like the concept behind the game, and I've already spent a few hours in the game.
The game seems a bit overwhelming at first and the UI isn't really easy to grasp, but we get used to it and the gameplay is really neat afterwards.
Unfortunately, after a while the game feels pretty grindy, maybe it's just me that is doing something wrong, I tried to diversify a lot which apparently isn't the optimal play.
Killing almost all enemies, only for them to be replaced when there is only a few left feels really frustrating too, especially since there is no clear indications on when the enemies will be gone.

I've had a lot of fun with the game, unfortunately I feel like I've hit a wall where its too grindy and I'm not having fun anymore.

It's not just you: uinfortunately, the game does not encourage diversification enough. Worse still, some tech paths are just far from optimal.
I have stopped updating this game years ago, but I've worked on a sequel that greatly improves on the flaws you noted (i.e. there's a progress bar that gives a rough estimate of when the next enemy wave comes). Waiting for when I'll be able to afford an art designer.
Long is the journey until the concept reaches its full potential, and feedback is vital to adjust the heading, so thanks :)

I would like to show you the techtree. It would be very interesting.

Hey mister, why you didn't update your Spin-vilization game this September?

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No new bug or problem has been brought to my attention since last update. So I just uploaded the game on this page as it was. No preset update now, but there is additional content to be added if the game reaches specific milestones, like a 3 rating on kong :)

Wait! How about you give me strategies of how to win the Spin-vilization game?


Sure :)

Focus on 1 way to sustain your population. Don't diversify too much.

If you only know a few combos, focus on discovering more. If you already know a lot of them, focus on getting what will be useful in the current situation.

Don't forget to use the recycle button. It can really be useful sometimes.

The in-game help has other tips, as well as rule details.

Thanks for the hint. On second thought, what will happen if I get the writing innovation?

What are all the innovations? ALL the innovations from the first age to the Age of History?


In the current design, combos and innovations are revealed little by little. Once discovered, a combo and the innovation it leads to can be checked at leisure in the Combo Codex (last choice in the main menu). It might change to a more open system in future versions.

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Thank you. Also, would you like to give me a list of all combos from the Combo Codex in Spin-vilization? Thank you.


Sorry ! I would contradict my design choice if I did that.

Aww... I'm sorry. Anyway, will you add Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley Civilization and China soon?


That'd be cool ! Maybe in the sequel, if it manages to be done :)